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From Network Evaluations to Cabling & Implementation, let DOF customize your Networking & Infrastructure for reliability, security and sustainability.

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Networking Evaluation

DOF is an expert at evaluating your network to ensure it’s secure, scalable, and purpose-driven. We study your network from the ground up to create a unique and scalable solution that you can be sure is reliable for you today and future ready.

Our Process

Step 1: Network Evaluation and/or Policy (both technical & staff process) Review

Step 2: Case Study Reviews of Similar Entities, Proof of Concept, Live Demo

Step 3: Support for Implementation, Staff Guidance & Support, or Network Policy Development (as well as the development of staff network security practices and policies)

Infrastructure for Today and the Future

DOF has helped numerous organizations, both private and public, to evolve their network deployment, management, and strategy development in the wake of COVID 19. When unique challenges arise, our team is equipped to rise to the occasion and help you pivot effectively. Our comprehensive network support allows DOF to understand and address any network challenges you may be facing today or tomorrow.

911-focused VoIP

While your phone system serves an administrative purpose, connecting internal personnel and external customers, it must be capable of serving a 2nd purpose.

UPS Systems

Clean power is essential to protect equipment and ensure continued operation of critical services. We recognize that reliable power is only as good as the service organization supporting your power infrastructure.

Application Dependency and Performance Monitoring

Application Dependency and Performance Monitoring (ADPM) is an essential tool for ensuring the security of an organization’s applications and infrastructure.


SASE and SD-WAN are both technologies for implementing a corporate wide area network (WAN) that connects remote users and branch locations to the enterprise network, cloud applications and the Internet.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Implementing a SASE solution can help extend secure access and high-performance connectivity to users regardless of their geographic locations.

Wireless Connectivity

Digital modernization is accelerating, driving the creation and expansion of location-aware services like turn-by-turn wayfinding, high-value asset tracking, retail customer engagement, and smart office initiatives.

Network Microsegmentation

Securing east to west traffic within your network enables IT administrators to gain more granular control over applications and workloads. Using a microsegmentation architecture each security zone gets it’s own service, custom-designed to suit the needs of that specific segmentation of the network.  

Infrastructure is Everything

DOF understands that user interaction with your organization’s network is the most vital component to a functional and sustainable future. Let us know how we can help lay the path for a reliable and safe network built with sustainability in mind.

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