Networking & Infrastructure

From Network Evaluations to Cabling & Implementation, let DOF customize your Networking & Infrastructure for reliability, security and sustainability.

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Networking & Infrastructure

Networking Evaluation


At DOF, we're experts at evaluating your network to ensure it's secure, scalable, and purpose-driven. We study your network from the ground up to create a unique and scalable solution that you can be sure is reliable for you today and future ready.

Our Process

Step 1: Network Evaluation and/or Policy (both technical & staff process) Review
Step 2: Case Study Reviews of Similar Entities, Proof of Concept, Live Demo
Step 3: Support for Implementation, Staff Guidance & Support, or Network Policy Development (as well as the development of staff network security practices and policies)

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infrastructure and the future

Infrastructure for Today and the Future

DOF has helped numerous organizations, both private and public, to evolve their network deployment, management, and strategy development in the wake of COVID 19. When unique challenges arise, our team is equipped to rise to the occasion and help you pivot effectively. Our comprehensive network support allows DOF to understand and address any network challenges you may be facing today or tomorrow.

Understanding All Angles

DOF uses proof of concepts, live demos, and case study reviews to evaluate your network and discover any vulnerabilities or areas of improvement. By drawing upon past experience, we can find the right fit by matching your organization's needs with projects we have successfully deployed. DOF is proud to be a partner with our clients, working collaboratively to understand their challenges and support them in the implementation of their networking processes.

Infrastructure is Everything

DOF understands that user interaction with your organization's network is the most vital component to a functional and sustainable future. Let us know how we can help lay the path for a reliable and safe network built with sustainability in mind.