Distributed Services Switch

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Distributed Services Switch

Most organizations are vulnerable to attack because of clunky and complex IT infrastructure. It’s harder to track what you have, secure it and upgrade it, and layer on necessary, new technologies quickly. Because of this, DOF has partnered with Aruba to offer the CX-10000 (Pensando) and Edge Connect as a flexible and in-stock solution.

Aruba and Pensando have created the industry’s first distributed services switch. The CX10000 distributes intelligence to the data center network-server edge with 100x scale, 10x performance, at ½ the cost.

This platform overcomes legacy architectures that were complex, inefficient, and costly, with automated micro-segmentation (isolating bad actors and preventing network overload).


CX10000 is a cloud-scale distributed services platform designed for modern data centers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved Network Performance – Designed to deliver high performance and low latency, making it ideal for demanding workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics.
  • Enhanced Security – Including micro-segmentation, end-to-end encryption, and hardware root of trust, to help, protect against cyber threats.
  • Simplified Operations – Simplifies data center operations with a unified management platform, automated workflows and real-time visibility into network performance.
  • Scalability – Designed to scale to meet the needs of growing data centers, with the ability to support up to 64 nodes and 1,536 CPU cores.
  • Flexibility – Supports a wide range of workloads and deployment options, including bare-metal servers, virtual machines, and containers.

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