Federal Funding

DOF Grant Assessment

By S.B. Gordon / January 2, 2023

DOF Creations helps public sector and non-profit organizations identify grants that can support IT operations and expansion needed to better…

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Rubrik Case Study Image

DOF & Rubrik Data Protection

By S.B. Gordon / January 2, 2023

DOF and Rubrik utilize powerful data management solutions to assist SLED entities in managing and protecting their data while streamlining…

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Data Protection, Greenlake HPE

Benefits of GreenLake

By S.B. Gordon / January 2, 2023

HPE’s consumption model, called GreenLake, offers Networking and Server/Storage as-a-service. Over the last few years, DOF has successfully implemented consumption…

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Aruba Blog

Aruba & DOF Creations

By S.B. Gordon / January 2, 2022

HPE-Aruba is a leading networking and connectivity provider serving leading US entities from the Pentagon to Apple. As one of…

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Measuring Success Through Service

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