DOF's Service Driven Approach to IT integrates experience and expertise from industries across the many areas of the Public and Private sectors

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In-Class Technology

Continue to support digital transformation in your classrooms with leading teaching and learning technologies

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Identify the areas, issues, and threats most likely to create a problem before it becomes a nightmare

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Audits & Assessments

Get the lay of your land to shape policy and practices and support project planning and implementations

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Networking & Infrastructure

Continue to drive enterprise operations with innovative connectivity solutions

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Development & DevOps

As the challenges solved by code evolve, keep pace with the change needed to meet those needs

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Administrative Technologies

While other technologies might get more attention, back-office technologies cover your basic needs, getting you from point A to point B

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Let DOF Creations help your organization evolve.


DOF Creations is at the forefront of proactive IT solutions. With over 30 years of combined experience in IT, we have seen the landscape change over the last few decades and have evolved accordingly. We find passion and purpose in aiding organizations and their processes in an ever-changing, tech-driven world. We pride ourselves in genuinely getting to know how your organization will interact with our solutions so that there is a fluid transition into new processes and workflows.


Our mission is to evaluate and implement IT Solutions to ensure all your technology works together efficiently, securely, and seamlessly while meeting your goals, budget, and needs. At DOF Creations, we know that the staff members working with technology are as important as the technology itself. Our knowledge of how systems and people interact is what drives our success.


With deep experience maximizing our clients’ networks and IT systems across the public sector, state and local government, education, and healthcare, our team is well-versed across many industries.

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What Our Partners Think

"DOF Creations gave our organization an integrated and people-centered IT solution that aided our journey through a new world of technology."

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a regulated industry (PCI, FDIC, NCUA, HIPAA, etc.), or a small business, we listen first and communicate in a common language your organization will understand.

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