How Navy Installations Command Simplifies and Automates Data Management with Rubrik
September 28, 2023

The digitization of all things has made almost every event, act, or thing a data point and transformed how institutions, including military establishments, handle and manage information. The US Navy, not one to be left behind, embraced modern data management solutions to optimize its operations.

In this blog, we’ll explore how the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) successfully simplified and automated its data management processes with Rubrik’s cutting-edge solutions that DOF can offer your organization.

The Challenge

For CNIC, the challenges were manifold. As a crucial arm of the U.S. Navy responsible for maintaining the Navy’s shore installations, CNIC juggled immense amounts of data daily. This included everything from essential infrastructure details, security protocols, logistical data, and more. Legacy backup solutions failed to provide the efficiency, agility, and security the Navy demanded.

Enter Rubrik

Recognizing these challenges, CNIC turned to Rubrik. Renowned for its cloud data management and enterprise backup solutions, Rubrik offered a suite of products designed for simplification and automation.

Simplification: One of Rubrik’s primary advantages is its simplicity. Traditional backup systems can often be complex, requiring manual intervention and multiple components. In contrast, Rubrik’s platform offered a unified system that consolidated disparate processes, eliminating unnecessary steps and streamlining operations.

Automation: Rubrik’s solutions are built for the modern era, emphasizing automation. CNIC, with its vast expanse of data, benefitted from automated backup, recovery, and archival processes. This not only saved time but reduced human errors and inefficiencies.

Enhanced Security: With sensitive data in its repositories, CNIC needed a solution that was not only efficient but also secure. Rubrik’s end-to-end encryption and immutable backups ensured that data remained protected against threats.

Scalability: As CNIC’s data grew, so did the need for a scalable solution. Rubrik’s platform can seamlessly scale out, adapting to the growing data demands of an institution like CNIC.

The Outcome

Post-integration, CNIC experienced a transformation in its data management processes. Time-intensive tasks that previously took hours were reduced to minutes. Backup and recovery processes became more reliable. Moreover, the Navy could repurpose personnel to other mission-critical tasks, given the reduced need for manual intervention in data processes.

The CNIC’s journey with Rubrik is a testament to the power of modern data management solutions. In an era where data is king, having the right tools to manage, protect, and harness this data is paramount.

DOF Creations: Bringing Rubrik’s Solutions to You

Recognizing the transformative potential of Rubrik’s solutions, DOF Creations has entered into a strategic partnership with Rubrik. DOF Creations, known for its innovative IT solutions, aims to bring the same level of sophistication and efficiency demonstrated in the CNIC case study to your organization.

DOF, with Rubrik’s help has also made a managed, subscription solution available as well. Not only does this offload data management and backup efforts to someone other than your IT team, it makes the cost disaster recovery preparation more manageable.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a growing startup, the DOF and Rubrik partnership promises tailored solutions to meet your data management needs. From seamless backups and recovery to advanced security measures, this collaboration is geared to set new standards in data management. Please reach out to use today for a consultation on how DOF can implement Rubrik’s solutions to meet your organization’s data management and safety needs.