Cloud, Data & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data is one of the most essential parts of any entity’s peace of mind. DOF builds complete solutions for you so that your information is secure, safe, and recoverable in any situation.

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The Future is Cloud

Cloud technology has forever changed how information is stored, transmitted, and protected. Allow DOF to implement cloud technology with a managed approach that removes guesswork on your end. We can work with all types of budgets and storage needs and determine how your data will operate in the cloud to take advantage of this adaptable technology. There are infinite possibilities within the cloud, and we help you break it down and build scalable cloud storage and disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery for Security

Cloud based disaster recovery systems are built to keep your organization safe from attacks and provide backup systems to support continuous operations in case of an outage. DOF provides fully managed solutions, emergency data recovery, and staff managed solutions to fit your needs. We utilize proven solutions and in-house testing to ensure that all appropriate coverage gaps are filled and that your recovery solution is adaptable to changing demands.

Why DOF?

Scalable Solutions

From inception to the cloud to building solutions with sustainability and growth in mind, DOF will partner with you to keep you secure in every stage of your organization’s process and evolution.

Peace of Mind

Take comfort in knowing that your backups are safeguarded against today’s evolving threats. DOF provides solutions that are safe for today and in the future.

Finding the Right Fit

Our cloud and disaster recovery solutions are built to be flexible based on your changing demands, goals, and budget. Our team will ensure that your approach and strategy to the cloud are resilient enough to help you survive a catastrophe and flexible to adapt to changing circumstances. Disaster recovery heavily relies on the cloud and cloud platforms. There is no one size fits all approach to cloud technology deployment and optimization. At DOF, building your cloud, data, and reliable disaster recovery solutions means planning for today, tomorrow, next year, and well into the future.

Factors to Consider with the Cloud, Data, and Disaster Recovery

  1. Will your budget grow over time to support your cloud, data, and disaster recovery needs?
  2. How manual do you want your processes to be? Will you need support for recovery, regular infrastructure management, or special analytics projects?

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DOF is proud to partner and collaborate with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

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