Cybersecurity Pilot Program

Have you heard about the recent 200 million dollar grant the FCC released June 12th to help schools and libraries enhance their cybersecurity needs?


Here is the breakdown.

Grant: Cybersecurity Pilot Program

Eligibility: Schools and Libraries

Fund amount: $200 million – $13.60 per student, 15k per library location

Due Date: Form 484 applications are due in fall 2024

Awards:  Funding awards will be announced Spring 2025 (lottery with the FCC choosing best applicants to fund)


Eligible items and services include (but are not limited to):

Advanced Next-Gen Firewalls – Malware Detection, Network Segmentation, IPS, IoT Security, FWaaS, DDoS

Endpoint Protection – Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Spam, EDR, XDR, SSL Inspections, Web App Hacking

Identity Protection and Authentication – Cloud services, Web filtering, Email & Web Security, MFA, SASE, SSO, ZT Architecture, SIEM, Patching IDS.

Monitoring, Detection, and Response – Data loss prevention, MDR, NDR, SOC, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability Testing, Network Security Audits, and Traffic Monitoring.


How to apply:  

  1. Obtain an FCC registration number (FRN)
  2. Obtain a Billing Entity Number (BEN)
  3. Register with the System for Award management at
  4. Build a proposal

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